Our Vision for the Future

    Valencia Boxing is a  youth program that is designed to teach youths the
    fundamentals of boxing. The boxing program was originally established to teach
    boxing but has developed into something bigger. A student will not only learn the
    fundamentals of boxing, but will also develop discipline, self-esteem, confidence,
    and courage to deal with life’s adversities.  These tools are essential for life
    success.  Boxing is only one piece of the puzzle. The youths in the Valencia Boxing
    program also need some guidance and mentorship in the academic area. Our
    motto, “Boxing and Books, a Knockout Combination” was established with this
    Valencia Boxing’s vision is to house a boxing gym and a computer learning center in
    one location. The facility will be open five days a week for after school activities to
    include instructional classes in boxing and academic support for students.  We
    believe that this concept will allow Valencia Boxing to guide children to grow into
    productive well rounded citizens of our community. Valencia Boxing will continue to
    network with other boxing gyms and local youth programs. To date, Valencia Boxing
    has participated in national tournaments such as The Golden Gloves, The Silver
    Gloves, and The Junior Olympics, as well as in many local shows.  The participants
    that are interested in competitive boxing will be given the opportunity to compete
    within the USA Boxing Association. Valencia Boxing participants will be given the
    opportunity to travel to tournaments in Chicago, Illinois, Colorado Springs,
    Colorado, and San Diego, California.  Valencia Boxing will solicit grants and
    donations to operate our program.

    As you can see, this is a huge undertaking that will be a huge benefit for our youth
    and our community. You can help, too.

    Please support our sponsors that have generously donated time, money, and
    resources to our program. You can see them here: Our Sponsors

    If you can donate or want to help, please email Marcelo Valencia here:

    Thank you for your support!
Our Vision
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