About Our Club

This program started in April of 2008 at the Bolingbrook Park
District and is now currently in the Bolingbrook Community
Center. In 2008 it was the intention to instruct youth and adults
on the fundamentals of boxing. The instructor, Marcelo
Valencia, does not hold any records or championship titles nor
does he have a long fight career to speak of. But, he was
trained at an early age by Archie “ the Mongoose” Moore who
showed him more than boxing lessons, but life lessons on how
to respect yourself and others and how to give back to your
community. It is this same idea that is inspiring this program.
(click on link to learn more about The Great Archie "the
Mongoose" Moore.)

The boxing program has brought many youths into the gym and
has brought many off of the street by enticing them with the idea
of boxing. Along with the lessons on boxing they also received
some self worth, discipline, sportsmanship and courage to stand
for what they believe in. Valencia Boxing has dedicated time to
meet with other trainers in the Chicago area to network and find
boxing shows and events that the youth can participate in. To
date, these kids have competed in the Jr. Olympics, Silver
Gloves, Golden Gloves, Chicago Park Boxing Shows and
countless local club shows and fund raisers
About Us
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